Global Citizens International, is a believers’ organization for spearheading Interfaith Action for peaceful co-existence amongst the human race – more especially amongst people of faith in general, and the Abrahamic faiths in particular.

We believe in the right of every member of the human race to walk the entire planet earth, and beyond, without undue anxiety that other members will cause him harm – hence the tag: Global Citizens, and a passion and commitment to the dawn of the awaited Global Republic.
We also believe that true believers have similar fundamentals of exactly what they ought to believe and what not to believe as passed on from the original founders of the respective faiths;  as encapsulated in the Golden Rule: i.e. the obligation on all who believe to Love Neighbor as themselves and also protect ‘Strangers’, and  thus to Not do to others, whatever they would not wish others to do to them.  No one who behaves to the contrary, has an excuse.
For example, the Prophet Muhammad PBU, is quoted to have asserted: “not one of you truly believes until you wish for others what you wish for yourself”. How then could anyone consider the likes of ISIS and Kony, a part of a True Islamic and/or Christian Movement?
Similarly, Jesus Christ of Nazareth is quoted to have advised that his followers when under persecution, in some instances, to be prepared to even “turn the other cheek” rather than hit back.  How then could we accept scenarios when one of us, more over one going by the title of Pastor, convene a press conference to publicly commit an atrocity against another faith by public burning of that faith’s sacred texts!
We are concerned that a minority among us who believe and profess to be pre-occupied with works of, and prayers for peaceful co-existence, are at the same time,  the very same people contributing to the absence of the very peace they purport to work and pray for.
Yet it is apparent that a great many regions of the world are fast becoming environments of multi-culture and indeed multi-faiths as globalization catches on at a fast pace.
It is amazing that with the advantages of technology making information and education more available to so many and in no time, a great majority are content to keep quiet as a small but vocal minority among the people of faith continue their match spreading pain, horror and general mayhem as we watch.
As Philosopher Edmund Burke famously observed, “all it takes for evil to triumph, is for the good people to do nothing”.
In the study of the Golden Rule, a document that crosses all cultural and faith boundaries, researchers have handed us a much needed tool to call all concerned to order.  At Global Citizens International, we have taken a stand for active harmony. You too can.  Amen?

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