We will celebrate the Golden Rule and World Interfaith harmony week 2015, by launching a rehabilitation program of broken down boreholes in the district beginning with those in Kayunga Town Council of which the one for Kyambogo Community, along with the collapsing homestead of 85 year old grandmother Mariyoni Naigaga, will be rehabilitated during World Interfaith Harmony week, 1st to 7th February 2015.  Most boreholes require on average approximately US$ 250 to resume meeting the community need exacerbated by the current drought.



Teaching Ministry

Through a monthly newsletter, discuss the things that spread conflict instead of  peace through the Reconciliation

Theme which, we believe, runs through the entire Bible and Koran (and we believe other scriptures as well) and is accordingly its single most important message of scripture for all time.

Perezi Tiraga Leadership Conferences

Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Leadership Seminars/Conferences in which a de-culturalized and holistic treatment of  scriptural themes are disseminated to leaders of Youth, families, religious and other leaders. Educated only by God, Perez Tiraga of Masindi, uniquely and prophetically urged his fellow evangelists not to spread a gospel that easily passes away.  In teaching doctrines in support of Slave trade, Colonialism, Apartheid, Segregation etc, our ancestors in faith taught a gospel that passes away; and therefore a gospel that was not one – a ‘Tribal Gospel’. We need to address it and be done with it conclusively enough to prevent a repeat of the same in future. 

 Media/Radio Ministry

Securing time/Space  in relevant Media and/or set them up, for the dissemination of thematic teachings from Holy Scriptures that promote the common message of all Scriptures.

Schools Ministry

To run Global Citizens cross-cultural schools, with a rich cross-cultural and integrated social-economic development curriculum.  In addition, member families reach out across cultures (from streets and the poor of the world) and empower children, men and women with whom they have no ‘tribal’ connection and who would otherwise have never had such an opportunity in a tribal society.

Essay Competitions & Discussion Forums

This will constructively engage GCI membership and interested parties in evolving a universal value system that is neither Racial, Region, Religion or Faith-based, but embody clear human values system with definite universal application and enduring relevance.

A Global Republic

Assist like-minded members of GCI to see themselves as members of the same family that transcend tribal, regional, religious and race boundaries; thus putting current tribal dwarfs, who are masquerading as giants, on notice.  Members, through constructive engagement, work out who, how, when, why, and where to declare the Virtual Republic, complete with a Global Citizenship Passport!

A Global ‘Church’

These are ‘evangelists’ of the universals. They do not convert people to a faith group; instead they convert people to the universal truths, for example the Golden Rule, which is a way of life rather than a faith group. Here, one does not have to cross over to Protestantism or Catholicism or any other faith group in order to stop stealing.  He transformed and therefore reformed and is a witness that stealing is only one of universal evils to all – Catholics, protestants, Muslims, name them.  The Global Church, which is not a church but an ideology, holds that there is no such a thing as group-salvation so that those who join the group are the only ones saved.  This type of thinking belongs to this generation's tribal gospelists, Jesusists, Methodists, Baptists, name them.... The Global Church is not a church but servants to Humanity, period. The role of the born again or reformed person, is to be salt and a light where the reformation found him.  If catholic then to the Catholics; if born again, then stick in there.  It is not about conversions and "conquering the world" in a literal sense.  This is a false illusion that breeds extremism of all kinds such as we see all around, and not just the Muslims.

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