Where are our departed Loved ones?


Joseph Nahabwe

Many of us obviously have loved ones who have moved on.  A question can be asked; How many would like to know where they are exactly? I am quite sure I would like to know where my father and elder brother, and others are.  Read on and see whether you can contribute to this scarce knowledge.


A few months ago I asked the question after a church service: "Who has ever met or talked or heard of one who met and or talked to a departed one. I was pleasantly surprised by the shooting up of six hands instantly in a service of less than 30 adults.

The preacher had picked his lesson from Isaiah, where we will no longer have any fear, pain or tear but rather it will be peace all the way for ever to the point even the lion and sheep will dine.

So I asked one by one to narrate their experience, because then we can have an alternative idea how to better treat these temporary departures of loved ones.

Three of the six had returned to the relatives to demand reburial. A Hajj who had been killed during dictator Iddi Amin's rule by strangling and dumped in Namanve forest (older Ugandans know this very well) and even left the rope in his neck, returned to ask that his body be brought home for burying and the rope removed from his neck. 'He led' them to the place of dumping and the remains were re-buried at his ancestral grounds and thereafter he never returned.

Another one who was buried poorly and run-offs ended up exposing the coffin, also demanded retouching of his grave complaining that water was running through him. It was retouched and thereafter he never returned.

Another who had been knocked by a car returned to complain that his body but not his name /soul had been removed from the accident sight and that he needed it removed because vehicles were still trampling on him.

I intend to expand this inquiry and write a book time and finances allowing.  Are there any out there who would like to share similar experiences.

I am one of those who no longer believe that missionaries were right to stop us inquiring into such areas of extra-ordinary interest to many.  Welcome to share your thoughts.

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